Spring and Transformation, A New Perspective

May 9, 2017

Living in Minneapolis has given me an entirely new perspective and appreciation for Spring. The last few weeks have especially driven me to appreciate sunshine and temps above 50, but also has me thinking about the overly cheesy and overused metaphor of Spring representing transformation.

To say my life is in a bit of a transition and change the last few months is quite the understatement. Almost every part of my life is completely different: from where I live, to getting out of a long-term relationship, a new job, a significant weight loss.

I feel like the growing pains have been winning lately; as if the change is overwhelming me, not transforming me for the better.

Instead of thawing out and blossoming, I’m freezing and rotting. As if my Spring is a bit delayed and Winter is lingering a little longer.

I keep peeking through the thunderstorms and hoping they will bring growth and green at the end of it. I’m looking for the peak of sun that has to be around the corner.

I love how when the weather is finally nice here everyone flocks outside. You begin to wonder where everyone’s been the last five months of winter. It’s as if we voluntarily hibernate and come alive again as soon as April hits. It makes you appreciate the beauty of the cycles of nature, how it gives and takes away.

It’s been a lovely reminder that no matter how cold and harsh this season of my life is, inevitably it will turn into something beautiful. Maybe even something that will transform me into a better version of me. I have the choice to see it through with grace or let it linger. Pushing through the pain to get to the beauty. To appreciate the beauty when it’s there and savor it a bit more, even if it’s just one day out of a week or a week out of a month.

Sometimes the most beautiful things in our lives come from the worst pain. Sometimes the pain itself can be a beautiful thing if we allow it to be. Here’s hoping Spring is around the corner for me, and if it’s not, that I can find glimpses of it in my journey.

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