Fashion Friday: Elinor Dashwood

February 19, 2016

Elinor Dashwood. She’s probably one of my most liked/disliked characters of all. I wish I had more of her in me, because I’m a self-avowed Marianne. I follow my heart/emotions to a self-destructive level. I definitely need a little more sense and a little less sensibility. Maybe that’s why we all love Jane so, she hits the parts of us we are and who we quietly long to be.

I felt like Elinor would be very classic in her tastes, and more structured with a few feminine touches. I think Marianne would push her to add some fun to, like these great maroon booties. Below you’ll find my suggestions for what Elinor’s modern wardrobe would be like:

1. H&M Short Cardigan 

2. Cause for Cosmopolitans blouse from Modcloth

3. Utility Custom Stretch Pencil Skirt from LOFT

4. Journee Collection Women’s Piper Round Toe High Heel Booties 

5. Neva Long Necklace in Matte Green by Kendra Scott (It’s super on sale right now!)

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