City Exploring & Pertinent Pacing Modcloth Dress Review

February 1, 2016

Ok, full fledge nerd alert! This weekend I finallly got to do two things I’ve been dying to do: visit The Mill City Museum and go to the Book Trader.

The Mill City Museum  is here in Minneapolis and is a museum built into the ruins of what was once the world’s largest flour mill. The elevator portion of the tour made me have flashbacks to the Tower of Terror, but was so cool and unique! It’s a must-see if you’re in the cities. The view from the 8th floor is also pretty breath taking.

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It was actually in the 40 degree range, so I decided it was about time I tried my Modcloth Pertinent Pacing dress that I’ve been dying to wear. You’ll have to forgive my awkward growing out of the purple hair. I adore it so, but it’s so high maintenance (let that be a warning for those considering the fun, pastel colored hair trend).

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I love this dress! It’s so comfy and unique. The material is some meshy kind of contraption. The only complaint I have is that plus size brands usually assume if you’re plus size you are well endowed in the chest and leg area. I am neither, so it’s a little big in the chest. But, I’m used to it.

The Book Trader  is so quirky and fun. You are all at once scared and intrigued. There’s an older woman that will give you her sales pitch and then you can wander around the many, many, many stacks of books. There is kind of a method to the madness, but ask her if you’re looking for something specific. She knows where everything is! I bought a super fun 70s looking edition of Persuasion.

If you decide to brave the book store, plan to visit the Berry Sweet Kitchen first. Try the berry crepes or the banana french toast.


Some seriously amazing food. Banana French Toast made with home made bread. 💣💥

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