Are You Afraid of Vintage? Do Not Fear, Vintage Styling Is Here!

January 28, 2016

I’ve always been in love with the past. From my obsession with ‘The Sound of Music’ and Jane Austen to taking the most random and (to me at least) interesting history classes in college. I’ve always also loved fashion. But vintage fashion? It scared me a little.

Sadly, as a plus size gal, finding on trend, fashionable trends IN THE PRESENT is hard enough? Can I get an amen? Let alone trying to find vintage pieces. Vintage also seems for the tiny. Finding plus size vintage pieces seemed like finding a unicorn or Big Foot. Styling vintage pieces for modern looks also seemed daunting.

Yet, treasure hunting at thrift stores was something I also loved. And, after moving to the Big Twin Cities, I’ve found SO MANY adorable plus size pieces that gave me hope that I too could enjoy vintage clothing in my size. SO, I’ve opened If I Were Jane Vintage. I want to spread the vintage and body positivity love. I also wanted to help styling vintage looks easier.

Also, I think in general many women are afraid of vintage. They love the look, but they don’t know how to pull it off in the modern world. I’m here to help! Every week I’ll be sharing how to style an item or two in my shop. Today I started with one of my latest finds that I love-this paisley dress blouse. I’m going to have to send my boyfriend to photography lessons so I have my own personal photographer… for now ‘Rhonda’ my dress form will have to show off the pieces. 
Vintage Plus Size

Plus Size Vintage

Plus Size Vintage

First I paired the shirt with a maroon blazer I’ve had in my closet for ages from Forever 21 along with a grey tutu style skirt that is very modern and on trend. I love matching vintage with trendy modern pieces.

Secondly, I paired the shirt with a brown blazer (also in my shop here) with some grey dress paints I also had from my closet. Super adorable for work! It also looks great without a blazer for warmer months.

Lastly, I paired the shirt with a forest grey wool skirt that I found on $1.29 Goodwill sale day. I’m debating on whether putting it in the shop, because it’s also vintage!

Does this help make vintage seem less scary? Do you have any styling questions for vintage pieces you may have or be coveting? Shoot me a message or comment below! I’d be happy to help!

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